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We are one of the fastest growing discount-broker in the country. Earn commissions without any unwanted deductions.

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1. You have to open your demat and trading account with us. It’s free for you and your clients

2. Click here to open your free account

3. After opening your account you have to send your  name,ph no, email id & in which segment you want to join(target/non target) to our whatsapp  community/9330153367

4. After joining we will give you a link ,from where you can add/reffer your clients

5. After sucessfully opening ypur client’s account you have to provide their name & email id to us. so that we can pay you commission generated by your clients

6. After joining you and your clients both get Rs 300/- flipkart gift voucher

7. Use promocode ‘FLIPKART300′


How to open your demat account

1. Click here

2. Verify your email &ph no.

3. Enter your PAN card number &date of birth

4. Enter your bank details

5. Submit your signature

6. Submit your income proof (if you want to trade on commodity segment)

7. Submit your adhar front and back photo and enter your adress details ( must be match with adhar card)

8. Submit your PAN card photo

9. Make sure you have link you ph no. with your adhar card if not

10. Download the form , print & fill up the form and courier us. adress will be given when you download the form.

Our agent will help you regarding your &your client’s account opening process

Earn in multiple ways

Brokerage sharing

Get a share of the brokerage from each trade your reffered client makes.

Referral incentive

Earn incentives through referrals, the more you refer the more you earn.

Who can Partner

Finance enthusiast

Your interest lies in finance and the stock market.You take great pleasure in guiding others with investment options.

Internet Influencer

Social media is your playground.You have a good number of followers who easily consume all the content you share.

People Person

People love you! And you love people! So, by default, marketing comes to you, naturally. You can sell, and do it rather well.

Self Starter

“I’m my own boss”, that’s your mantra. You just want to earn and grow. The desire is powered by your dedication. And that takes you places.

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